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"Nature in Snapshots" Cisna, Polonia, 3 - 12 September 2007

Between the 3rd and the 12th September 2007, the association “Assistance and Programs for Sustainable Development – Agenda 21” took part, as partner, in the “Nature in Snapshots” project, organized by the Polish association „Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Niemozliwych - Motyka” and having as subject the education for the environment protection.

The youth exchange gathered 19 participants from 3 European countries: Poland - Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Niemozliwych „Motyka”, main coordinator of the project Pawel Piatkowski, Germany - Europa-Direkt e.V. Dresden, coordinator Jana Schiffner, Romania - Association Assistance and Programs for Sustainable Development – Agenda 21- coordinator Ioana Ţica-Horvath. Together with the team leader, APSD – Agenda 21 was represented by five other young persons, volunteers in the projects “Observer of the Prefect Institution” and “Student’s Ombudsman”, run by the association: Andra Stănescu, Florina Pavel, Alexandra Macarie, Olivia Leu, Oana Drăguşin, Ioana Ţica-Horvath.

The purpose of the project was to initiate discussions having as topic the environment pollution, especially the one caused by individual action, and the possible solutions to address this problem. Further more, a set of materials was elaborated, which will be used in the dissemination of the results of the project, which are: two video spots which address the lack of consideration for nature and seek to raise the responsibility of the viewer, a calendar entailing images taken by the participants, which show instances from the nature and a theater play also having as theme the environmental protection. For this purpose, the participants were divided into three groups which were given, during a series of days, an amount of time for working on the materials. During these meetings, the participants had a chance to develop their ability to cooperate and to practice their patience and creativity. The results were presented on the last day and, where it is possible (video spots, calendar) they will be multiplied and distributed to all participants for ensuring their dissemination.

According to a well-defined schedule, the young persons took part in workshops, role-plays, exercises of mutual understanding, debates and discussions, during which they practiced team work and demonstrated their openness and creative spirit. They also had the possibility to learn about cultural aspects concerning the participant countries during the cultural evenings organized by each of the national teams. Hiking trips were organized during three days, an opportunity to find out more about both the surroundings and about each other. The national teams were, as much as possible, mixed during the activities, so that the participants would come into contact with the representatives of the other organizations.

The project successfully attained its objectives, a fact that is proven by both the quality of the elaborated materials and the connections established between the participants, who proposed to apply for more project in the future in which the three organizations are also included.




• over 18000 beneficiaries of the implemented projects;

• over 50 mass media reports;

• 20 multipliers trained on how to use certain tools for human rights educators: the Compass, Compasito and Gender Matters manuals;

• the realization of the „Citizens view on environment quality in Bucharest” survey;

• 18 activities from the Human Rights Education Manual – Compasito were translated, out of which 13 were adapted by the facilitators within 134 workshops, which were attended by over 380 children from the 6 selected schools;

• the Companion type publication was published in 300 copies;

• the realization of the National Strategy on human / child rights education in schools, with the participation of students, teachers, educators, experts on human rights;

• a project was realized in order for it to be discussed within the National Committee on approving the extracurricular activities calendar of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, for introducing the “Student’s Ombudsman – promoter of child rights in the school ethos” summer school;

• 15 public institutions and authorities were evaluated from the point of view of their quality of services for citizens and they elaborated the first model of quality standards for the public services in Romania;

• over 100 civil servants participated in the elaboration of Citizens’ Charter;

• 10.000 citizens beneficiaries of quality services offered by the public institutions/ authorities that elaborated the Citizens’ Charter;

• 5 radio shows, integrated in the European Integration Files show, realized by RRS;

• 2.000 flyers and 1.000 posters used in the information activities addressed to the citizens;

• the distribution of 3.000 copies of the compendium with Citizens Charter.


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