ABCD... Multipliers for human rights education

The project consists mainly in a training course for multipliers from youth associations in Bucharest and neighbouring areas that work directly with children and young people on human rights educations issues in non-formal settings and further support for multiplying projects. In this framework, the project aims at improving the quality of local projects and practices on human rights education with children and youth by exploring and improving competences of multipliers (facilitators, youth workers, volunteers, educators and trainers) on this theme and by exchanging practices in this respect.

Project objectives are:

  • To develop participants' competences in multiplying and running human rights and citizenship education activities based on a non-formal methodology with children and young people;
  • To familiarize participants with the key concepts, approaches, challenges of human rights education and the main priorities of youth work at European and local level;
  • To introduce some tools for educators, especially, Compasito and Compass as a starting point for developing non-formal activities and initiatives with children and young people at local and/or international level, but nevertheless with a European dimension;
  • To support the elaboration and development of multiplying projects on HRE with children;
  • To share and learn from practices of youth work on human rights education with children and young people;
  • To inform participants about the potential of European youth programmes in youth work on citizenship, participation and human rights and explore the potential of future European projects.

The project intends to train multipliers in developing HRE with children and builds on concrete activities in order to multiply the know-how for future Compasito users. The project tackles non-formal education environments, so mainly youth and children. In this respect the main activities will consist in a training course, followed by a period of tutoring in learning and multiplying of the newly learnt (through blended learning) by writing projects and exchanging practices.

The innovative aspects of  the project are related to covering a training area which is rather eclectic as far as competences of multipliers go and introducing tools and opportunities to develop a more coherent way of developing HRE with children and youth. Another innovative issue is the introduction and use of Compasito during the project. Another innovative issue is the use of blended learning and tutoring during the post-training course period.

The main result of the project consists in having a group of 20 multipliers of HRE with children and youth in Bucharest and neighbouring areas that can disseminate methodologies and promote Compasito. Thus, the project built a model of implementation of human rights education activities with children and young people having youth as promoters. Another result refers to the multiplying initiative of the participants to the training course. In fact, the group of multipliers that participated to the training course, divided into 5 project team and each of them created a new project addressing youth issues.





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