The project recommends the creation of the “Student’s Ombudsman” institution, which would promote and respect pupils’ rights in schools, according to the stipulations of the UN Convention concerning children’s rights and of the 272/2004 Law concerning children’s rights in Romania.

The project recommends and, at the same time, experiments the methodology, mechanisms and instruments through which children’s rights can become a reality in schools. The “Student’s Ombudsman” is the first structure in schools that reunites pupils, teachers and parents having a common goal: the promotion and defending of the right of children.

Main activities:

The pupils point out the problems they are experiencing and the ombudsmen analyze the cases during weekly gatherings suggesting solutions to the school management or the administration council (counseling, administrative resolving, after-school help).  The cases which indicate a violation of children’s rights will be presented to the school management or counseling teachers (depending on the gravity) and together they will pass on the problem to the qualified institutions in search of a solution. Each case is being monitored by the “Student’s Ombudsman” institution.

The pupils who reported problems will be informed about the steps being taken.

The project will be applied in 8 high-schools from Bucharest and the districts Ilfov and Buzau. The experience gathered will be multiplied in 10 more districts.

The project is being developed in partnership, by APDD – Agenda 21, the Ministry of Research and Education and UNICEF Romania.

The project runs from March 2005 to December 2006. We estimate a number of 8000 beneficiaries: students, teachers, parents and representatives of the community.




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