The project will take place in Bucharest and the districts of Arad, Constanţa, Harghita and Iaşi and pursues the raise of implication of the civil society in ensuring an efficient governing at a local level. According to this purpose, the project proposes the establishment of monitoring mechanisms for the way The Neutrality of the Prefect Law is being enforced, to eliminate the interference of the politics in the act of administration and the corruption generated and sustained by this interference. Participants in the project will be citizens, public servants, NGO and mass-media representatives (around 10.000 persons, direct and indirect beneficiaries). The main activities concern the foundation of The Prefect Institution Observer, as a structure of the civil society, public consultations, interviews, surveys, radio shows, presentations of European models for elaborating, at the end of the project, a certain amount of propositions meant to ensure, through generalization, the meeting of European standards in the Romanian public administration. The project will be spread in ten other districts. Our main partner is the National Agency of the Public Servants (ANFP).


General objective:
Raising the efficiency and professionalism of the prefect institution by ensuring its neutrality from the political power, according to the provisions of Law 340/2004
Purpose of the project:
Raising the degree of implication of the civil society in ensuring an efficient governing at a local level, based on the respect for the law and the quality of public services offered to the citizens.

Direct beneficiaries:

  1. 83 high officials, prefects and sub-prefects
  2. 150 citizens, beneficiaries of local public services from Bucharest, Arad, Constanţa, Harghita şi Iaşi
  3.  30 leaders of the local public services from the 5 locations of the project
  4. 150 public servants from the local public services in the 5 locations of the project
  5. 30 mass-media representatives
  6. 30 voluntaries – representatives of the civil society – members of the Prefect Institution Observer (6 persons form each location, NGOs, mass-media, public servants syndicate’s and experts’ from the regional public servants perfection centers representatives)
  7. 10 NGOs representing 10 country districts


  1. Preparation of the project
  2. Launching and promoting the project
  3. Survey: „Public Administration and the Neutrality of the Public Function”
  4. The Prefect Institution Observer: having two basic components – The body of monitors of the Observer (including representatives of the social society from the 5 locations implicated in the project, having as main task the monitoring of the activity of the  prefects and sub-prefects and the analyze of the political neutrality of the prefect institution) and the Public consultations (reuniting representatives of the social society and the local public services. Two gatherings of the prefects and sub-prefects  will take place in Bucharest, at the ANFP headquarters.)
  5. Radio show “European Integration Files”
  6. Reunions with prefects from France and Italy
  7. Good practice guide

Main partner:
National Agency of the Public Sevants (ANFP)




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