Preparing students for a sustainable lifestyle

The project obtained a total of 17,5 points out of 20, occupying the 3rd place in the competition for pilot projects on sustainable development organised by the Council of Europe and will therefore benefit of financial support from COE.
The project, which will take place between the 1st October 2006 and the 30th September 2007, is meant to promote:
- Sustainable development - Understanding the need to maintain and improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for future generations;
- Diversity - Understanding and respecting differences and relating these to our common humanity.
- Social justice- Understanding the importance of social justice as an element in both sustainable development and the improved welfare of all people
- Human rights - Knowledge about human rights including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
- Values and perceptions - Developing a critical evaluation of representations of global issues and an appreciation of the effect these have on people’s attitudes and values.

The project aims to equip teachers and students with knowledge, skills and values related to sustainable development and its main beneficiaries are:

  1. 12 high schools in Bucharest
  2. 50 students, members of the School Council of Students, from the 12 units comprised in the project;
  3. 30 students, members of the Municipal Council of Students
  4. 50 teachers, 5 from each implicated high school
  5. 12 principals and 6 school inspectors responsible with students’ education in schools
  6. 8000 students aged between 15 and 19
  7. 6000 radio listeners and 6 local communities (sectors in Bucharest, where the school units are located)

Activities of the project:

  1. Training sessions
  2. Radio Broadcasts
  3. Projects written by students
  4. Dissemination Conference

Intended outcomes:

  1. 80 students with knowledge, skills and understanding that enable them to make informed decisions about playing an active role in the local and global community
  2. 62 principals and teachers able to manage schools based on the values and principles of sustainable development
  3. 6 school inspectors informed in the ESD topics, able to transfer this information to the schools in their sectors
  4. 12 projects developed in partnership with the local community
  5. 6000 radio listeners with increased awareness on the topic of sustainable development
  6. 8000 students informed and with knowledge about the sustainable development
  7. 500 issues of a guide of good practices from Bucharest and Chieti promoted through the project

School Inspectorate in Bucharest
National Radio Broadcaster
Local Agenda 21 in Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy
School Units
Municipal Council of Students in Bucharest




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