Speech of His Excellency Mister Ambassador Jonathan Scheele

    • I would like to congratulate the organization “Assistance and Programs for Sustainable Development – Agenda 21” for the project run, having as objective the raising of the quality of the civil service at local level for satisfying the needs of the citizens and the community.
    • Your project is a success, first of all because it responds to the need of democratic change of the public administration system in Romania and second because of the impressive number of direct and indirect beneficiaries.
    • I congratulate you for the good example of partnership between a structure of the civil society and a central structure of the public administration, which proves that this kind of collaborations are salutary and substantially contribute to maintaining a balance between exercising the civil service and using monitoring mechanisms by the NGOs for a better transparency, setting the foundation of an essential democratic process.
    • The two monitored laws, the one concerning the decisional transparency in the public administration and the law concerning the civil servants’ code of conduct are extremely important for the civil society as a whole because the represent the legal framework which develops the implications of a participative democracy and regulates the exercise of the civil service and contributes to the elimination of bureaucracy and corruption.
    • I would also like to notice the fact that you included in your project the public debates on a national television channel, which provided more visibility to your actions and informed the public about the existence of the law of the code of conduct.
    • As the title of your conference suggests, beside the practical achievements of which you can be proud (the body of public observers, the formation of formatters, the procedures manual for implementing the code of conduct – an effective instrument for the civil servants, the open gates day – which leaded to a better communication between the civil servants and the citizens etc.) you also took into consideration and manage to achieve a change in mentality, a dimension which should be considered in any approach of deep change of the society and especially of the state’s administrative structures.
    • I would finally like to congratulate you for your initiative and involvement in projects which bring a change in the institutional transparency and wish you good luck in your future projects.



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